Creating an Open Up Bench (WIP)

This is a Work in Progress (WIP), when I’m complete, this message will ‘disappear’ and so will the WIP from the title of the article :). The hard-deadline is May 28th.

I recently saw this fun little video of a bench that opens up into a table. It caught my attention because it’s practical, simple, and would definitely bring a lot of entertainment to my kids. Not to mentionion I have some leftover planks that are the perfect size.

Creating a 3D Model

Before starting off with anything else I needed to create a 3D model of the benchable (= bench + table, I’ll keep thinking). The aim is to create a cutlist so I know exactly how I need to cut my planks. This is important, partly because I have limited wood, but more importantly so that I can create a functional product.

Technical Drawing/ Cut-list

Next I will need to use the model to create a cutting list. This, as well as the 3D model will be shared once complete.

Cut the Wood

Cutting the wood, and shaping it.

Treat the Wood

Treating the wood = Long Life. n3 nano coating?


Bearings or rods for smooth movement?


4 Weeks left.