New Year, New Site, New Goals

As 2023 roled around I’ve decided to make a lot of changes. I am 100% sure that I won’t be able to succeed with everything that I’ve listed before but I’m going to aim to. However, as to not fall into the trap of ‘failure syndrome’ I’m going to break all of them down into smaller segments so that I can see my progress. At some point in the future I’ll probably do a post on Jiraing your life.

So this post is a baseline for what I’d like to achieve as well as a referrence document for me for running this site on Jekyll.

As this is my ‘hobby’ site, do not expect any serious flow, following of topics, or consistency. The same way I don’t truthfully expect any visitors to spend any serious time on this site. However, if you do, and you enjoy my random ramblings - then I’m glad.


With a new website in mind I’m going to start of my goals with what I’d like to achieve with regards to my Do-It-Yourself projects.

Jekyll Site

I love ready to go website builders that make your life easier. Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, WordPress, the list goes on. You name it, I’ve probably used it, seen it, or at least heard about it.

However, I have a lot of friends who’ve been bugging me to move to a static site, as I want to get back into coding a bit more it makes perfect sense.

So I’m going to be running Jekyll for this site, and I’ll be testing out Astro for some new sites I’m working on. For my professional site I’m sticking to WordPress for now - ask me and I’ll tell you why.

Obviously, this site is now up-and-running. So here are some additional changes I’d like to make to it.

JavaScript & the Advent of Code

I used to do a fair bit of coding from University projects to create complex Google projects and I miss it. So I’m going to learn JavaScript properly from the basics and complete the 2022 Advent of Code in a leisurely manner, and ideally the 2023 Advent of Code in a timely manner.

Cafe Racer

A few years ago I bought a Jawa Mustang to make into a cafe racer type of bike. Due to 2 moves, 2 kids, and endless house renovations it’s been sitting in the garage in various states of assembly. So by Spring 2024 I would like to create a running motor.

Bamboo Bike

During University, I created a bike out of bamboo and carbon fiber. Visually it looked great but functionality was suboptimal. With advances in technology, and reductions of cost - especially in 3D printing - it should be possible to create a version that is both visually striking and every day usable. Even as I’m writing this I’m aware of how ridicolous this list is getting so there’s no chance that I would have time to build this. So the aim will be to have a design in mind, with locations for sourcing the various parts.

Various House Upgrades

Since we’ve moved to a house from a flat it’s been a never ending flow of house upgrades and this year I aim to continue that.

Rebuild the Loft

Our loft has old wooden panelling and based on previous renovations I’ve done in the house, the insulation is most likely worse for ware. With current gas prices, insulating this better is one of the best ways we will be able to save money. It’s going to be a big job with a lot of challenge but hopefully some great end results.

Moving the Washing Machine

We currently have separate washing and drying machines in the basement. With 2 kids going up and down to do the laundry can be a pain. Getting a combined machine and moving it to the bathroom should make life easier and will allow us to have a dedicated ‘box storage room’ in our basement. For a nice fit I’ll need to rebuild our bathroom slightly.

Fence Project

Our garden fence is coming to its end-of-life so we’ll need to update. While I can buy new panels with ease, where’s the challenge in that (!). Actually I would buy new panels, however, they are very limited in size range which wouldn’t allow for a great overall aesthetic. So I’m going to make my own wooden panels using wooden slats like these

Family & Kids

My wife and kids are my life so here are the ways I’m looking to form stronger bonds with them this year.

Jira My Life

As parents and professionals we always have a lot going on, and sometimes things get lost or forgotten in the process. Interestingly, this doesn’t happen with work. I theorize that one of the reasons is due to the increased levels of organization. Therefore, I’m going to try and incorporate Jira (or some alternative) into our everyday lives.

More Outings

We love travelling and seeing new places, and we regualary go places with our kids. However, most of the time it’s ad-hoc. We’ll be making a dedicated effort to go on more active outings and explore more of the beautiful country that we live in.

Open Up Bench

Arguably this could go into DIY, but since the primary purpose is my kids happiness, it makes more sense here. I saw this amazing open up bench previously so I’m going to build it for kids day

I have, the wood, the 3D model is ready so ‘just’ need to cut and assemble…

Sport & Health

Since having two kids my health hasn’t been the greatest to say the least (and that’s not to blame them in any way, I 100% could have stayed in shape). I’ve gone from 80 kilos to 100. I have a true dad-bod. It’s time to reverse it.

80 Kilos

Step 1 will be to go back down to 80 kilos. I’ve already started losing some weight but I’d like to be stable below 80 kilos and keep it that way. This will be achieved with a mixture of running, swimming, and cycling, with the aim of doing triathlon competitions again in 2024.

Balaton Swim

As I do every year, I will be swimming the 5.2km distance across Lake Balaton this year. The aim is to just be faster then last year (2 hours 25 minutes 43 seconds). As motivation, my sister will also be swimming it so the challenge is on!

As warm up, I’ll also be doing the Obol Atuszas.

Plans for 2024

Here are some plans that I’ll want to make a reality in 2024:

  • Compete in at least 1 triathlon
  • Take part in Otproba and get at least 120 points.
  • Fly the family to Asia or America